Six Weeks at a VA Blind Rehabilitation Center
By William L. McGee with Sandra McGee

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"Best-written description of the VA's Blind Rehabilitation Program that I've seen and an invaluable tool for those veterans considering participation in one of the Regional Centers."
—Patrick J. Caskey, M.D., North Bay Vitreoretinal Consultants

“Bill McGee’s ‘Learning To Cope With Sight Loss’ is filled with insightful observations and a complete analysis of all that the world-class VA facilities can offer to our Association members.”
—Tom Miller, Executive Director, Blinded Veterans Association

Are you or someone you love one of the millions who suffer from sight loss? Legally-blind since 2003, author William L. McGee tells how he got back to writing in this inspiring new booklet. In 2009, McGee resided for six weeks at a VA Blind Rehab Center in Palo Alto, California. He describes the various components of the VA’s treatment program – Visual Skills, Orientation and Mobility, Living Skills, Manual Skills, Computer Access Training, Recreation Therapy, and Family Training – and then recounts his personal observations and day-to-day experiences.

Today, the author continues to write with the help of low vision aids available from the many resources for persons living with low vision or total blindness.

Learning To Cope With Sight Loss
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“Sight loss can be a stressful event in anyone’s life. My objective in writing this booklet is to inform and inspire anyone living with sight loss or low vision to ‘get up off the couch’ and seek help from one of the many VA -- and non-VA -- blind resources listed in the book’s appendix.”
—William L. McGee

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