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Emergence of the 'Gator Navy and its Revolutionary Landing Craft
Volume I of Amphibious Operations in the South Pacific in WWII
By William L. McGee

Foreword by John Lorelli, Author of To Foreign Shores, U.S. Amphibious Operations in World War II

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308 pp, 110 b&w photos, 13 maps, plus charts, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 6” x 9”, ISBN 13: 978-0-9701678-6-6, Softcover: $29.95, BMC Publications (2000).

“McGee combines exhaustive research with the words of the men who took the theory of the amphibious doctrine and the new machines to sea. His dedicated work will surely help keep the day-to-day naval record of the ‘Greatest Generation’ from being lost.”
—John Lorelli, Author of “To Foreign Shores, U.S. Amphibious Operations in World War II”

In this first volume of his series, William L. McGee gives a detailed history of the revolutionary World War II shore-to-shore landing craft and the brave crews that manned them. Exhaustive research, hundreds of interviews, and a point-blank writing style capture the very essence of the amphibious assignments in the World War II 'Gator Navy.

Of particular interest is the author’s focus on the "Earlybird" Flotilla Five LCTs, LSTs and LCIs and their crews—from landing craft design and construction, to amphibious training and crew and flotilla formations, to on-the-job warfare training in the Southern Solomons—all in preparation for their first invasion of enemy-held territory, Operation TOENAILS.

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